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THE Soccer Recreational Program is the first step on your child’s journey to becoming a proficient soccer player. This program is geared towards helping  your child develop their soccer skills, as they build their confidence. This is a beginner soccer program in which certified coaches teach players to develop their skills. The participants of The Soccer Recreational Program will be placed in teams that will play against each other. This is the best way for them to develop, by getting more playing time and we strongly believe by doing this with them, they will put their skills into action with children they already know, that way they will play children that are at the same level. 



Jr’s Program is an intermediate program that introduces the soft side of competitive soccer. The objective of this program is to introduce players to a new atmosphere of a structure competitive practices and challenging soccer activities. The age group for this program are U6 - U12. This teams will have a 2 practice to a game model. For this age group the focus is on continual development of individual technique, field awareness, combination play, technical speed and agility in a more competitive environment.

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